Crushers & Demolition Grabs in Co. Antrim, NI & Ireland

Hammer Tech (NI) Ltd offers a wide range of crushers & demolition grabs to customers in Co. Antrim & across Northern Ireland & Ireland.

Concrete crushers

Our concrete crushers are designed for performance with newly improved tooth configuration, utilising a high-profile centre tooth and lower profile teeth on both sides of the movable jaw. The force of these crushers increases when the jaw meets resistance as the NPK cylinder intensifier converts flow to pressure. The abrasion-resistant, high strength, alloy steel teeth increases durability and reduces wear. The "R" range of crushers come with full 360-degree power rotation for maximum versatility. The high-strength steel centre cutter slices through rebar and light steel structures eliminating the need for centre cutter blade or cutting-torch operations.
Demolition equipment in Ireland
Demolition grab in Northern Ireland

Highly durable demolition grabs

The DG series of products have been designed to have high durability. They are developed to meet the high standards of the products in the current market. The NPK sorting grabs are designed for high durability and low maintenance of the hydraulic components. We use high-quality materials in the production of these kits. For more details, talk to our team today!

Oversized pins all combined with heavy duty wear bushings on rotating points

Powerful hydraulic rotation motor

No drain line needed for the hydraulic motorPowerful hydraulic rotation motor

One hydraulic cylinder with cushion at the end of stroke (opening)

Less hydraulic components, less possibility of leakage

Hydraulic connections on both sides of the swivel top

Easy maintenance

Easy accessibility of the adjustment of the opening/closing speed and rotation speed - All accessible by a hole in the swivel top

Pilot check valve against unexpected opening of the arms

All hydraulic connections for opening/closing G3/4”

Less heating up of hydraulic oil

Stiff frame with side plates and bottom plate made of Hardox400

Arms completely built using Hardox400

Interchangeable and reversible cutters (HB500)

Heavy and strong bearing (slewing ring) with 360° hydraulic rotation

Brake valve on hydraulic motor for protection of the motor seals

Easy to grease in one position

Large jaw opening and high closing force

The frames and arms of the grabs are made using high tension steel and special wear-resistant steel to offer high stiffness and wear resistance. The oversized pins, replaceable bushings with dust seals and heavy-duty slewing ring will help to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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